Extracurricular English

This service is aimed at headteachers and parents’ associations of schools looking to offer quality extracurricular English.
Collaborating closely with primary, secondary and tertiary English departments, we adapt to the needs of the school and provide them with their own language learning centre.
Our classes are fun, dynamic and everyone joins in! They focus primarily on the active skills of listening and speaking using audio-visual materials whilst not forgetting writing and reading skills.

Our groups are small. Classes run at midday or after school and sessions are normally two hours a week on alternate days.

Our teachers are qualified native and non-native speakers. They are highly motivated and have a wide range of experience in teaching children of all ages.

The students are tested as part of the first class to ascertain their level and determine their requirements going forward.

We provide  students and  teachers with the coursebooks and other material required for this extracurricular activity.

The courses complement the Cambridge English course and focus on the official examination. This allows us to assess the progress of the students within the recognised European  framework certifying the students’ level of written and spoken English. Depending on the students’ age and level they can choose to take  the following exams: Starters, Movers, Flyers, Key English Test, Preliminary English test and the First Certificate in English.

We monitor activities closely and communicate openly with schools and the students providing termly academic progress reports.