Corporate training services

School House develops training activities for small and medium-sized businesses as well as multi-national companies.

Continuous professional development has become a fundamental element for businesses and good training gives people the tools they need to complete work tasks in a more efficient way and acheive better results. It also allows them to accept commitments and face new challenges.

Grants from the Fundación Tripartita (Tripartite Foundation)

cursos-fundacion-tripartita-gratisBusinesses can fund their training through the grant system offered by the Fundación Tripartita para la formación en el Empleo [Tripartite Foundation for Training in Employment]. All businesses are entitled to this funding based on the proportion of their annual Social Security payments that have been earmarked for training purposes.

School House can assist you in gaining the maximum benefit from this funding which is available to all employed persons, except individuals who are self-employed, in order to undertake training courses. Courses are either offered free or are highly subsidised.  The lack of time and commitment to training during leisure time means that many professional people are unable to dedicate any time to pursuing their continuing professional development. This is where we come in and help you organise your time most effectively by sending teachers into your place of work saving you essential time. All our courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the reference scale for examinations and qualifications in 24 European languages.


Corporate Language Courses: WWW.LINKSANDLYNX.COM


We offer English, French, and German courses for company employees. We provide made-to-measure courses designed around the individual needs of the employees and the management team and the  time available.

We use a learning system that is motivating and encourages student participation. Business professionals can learn to communicate in a variety of business scenarios.

Learning progress and proficiency across the skill areas are assessed on an ongoing basis.

Our courses are aimed at small groups or individuals across your company either in tandem with business courses or for specific purposes in line with your requirements.

Subject-specific terminology can be incorporated into courses as needed.

  • Sales and administration
  • Finance, banking and insurance
  • Marketing and telemarketing
  • Medicine and pharmaceutical

We can also prepare students for official examinations (BEC, TOEFL,TOEIC)